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Hi, I'm Ashley!

I use my gift of photography to tell the truth behind a wedding story. The truth behind the groom's hand linked with the bride's throughout the ceremony. Eyes closed tight as the bride hugs her grandmother, a true bond evident to all. I love genuine smiles and natural light. My goal always is for you, the couple, to look at your photographs days/months/years after the wedding and to feel as though you are back in your dress or suit, giggling with happy tears full of absolute joy.

I'm also a recent newlywed. I feel incredibly lucky to have married a man who I am so deeply in love with and who I grow more and more proud of every day. Mike and I live in our teeny apartment in Stamford, CT but we dream of the fixer upper home we hope to buy one day. This home, of course, will be full of antiques that we will pick out at junk yards all over the Northeast.

I love photographing in nature with surrounding natural light. My love for nature is rooted from my childhood as I spent lots of time exploring the woods in my backyard. However, engulfing myself with nature was temporarily put aside while I lived in New York City for 10 years. The city brings me great appreciation for the fine things in life; boutique shops, restaurants with fine red wines, used book stores, street music, blocks with a sudden burst of trees. My equal love for the city and nature brings me a unique eye. You will likely find me wearing a statement necklace paired with a comfy plaid flannel shirt. That is me.

I cannot complete this section without mentioning my family. I have generations of family who I'm incredibly close with. Cousins who are like siblings, second cousins who are like nieces and nephews. A grandmother who does not speak English but our love for each other translates stronger than words. Two godsons who provide me with such joy.

Oh yes! And books. I love books...engulf me in books and stories and I will die a happy person <3

So with that, I hope to meet couples who share my personal joys in life. Couples who appreciate the beautiful outdoors and also the fine things in life. Couples who would like their true moments captured on their wedding day. I truly hope to meet you.